The biggest gynaecology conference is coming to Dubai with more than 35 International speakers & 60+ interactive lectures and workshops!

Middle East’s Obstetrics & Gynecology – MEGO Conference is one of the biggest obstetrics and gynaecology conferences in 2024. It will bring together Gynecologists, Obstetricians, IVF Specialists, Urogynecologists, Urologists. Also experts on Fetal Medicine, General Ob/Gyn, Nurses, and specialists on women’s healthcare will be present. The gynaecology conference will see around 150 – 200 local attendees and participants from across the globe. This international congress of gynaecology and obstetric will witness interactive sessions, discussions, live demonstrations. Along with case studies, and much more. This conference equips the doctors in gynecological departments with latest skills. This is a golden opportunity for medical professionals to collaborate with gynecologists and obstetricians in the learning process. This course will provide women health care doctors to get a thorough understanding of how to diagnose and treat common gynecological problems so as to deliver prompt and appropriate primary care. 

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Conference Highlights

In addition to the conference, there are many workshops on various specialties that will be held in connection with the obs and gynae conference. Furthermore, these workshops will feature world-renowned experts in their respective sub-specialities. With hands-on training this is going to be one of the best learning experiences. The following workshops will be conducted in connection with the gynaecology conference in 2024 :


Laparoscopy Training :

The workshop on Laparoscopy will be conducted by Dr. Mustafa Aldam who is the President of MEGO as well as a well-known gynecologist in Dubai. Dr. Khaled Kouteich, Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology Dept at Fakeeh University Hospital and Dr. Mazen Bishtawi, Director of Women Services at Al-Ahli Hospital, Qatar will also be present. The training course on minimal invasive surgery will beon live-animal.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Training :

The course will be led by one of the leading gynecologists, Dr.Leilah Soudah for the gynaecology conference. Indeed, this workshop will open new horizons in the ART  and IVF for doctors looking forward to specializing in these fields.


Cosmetic Gynecology Training:

Aesthetic Gynecology courses are the most in-demand, however, the best cosmetic gynecology workshops involve the best faculty and the appropriate environment for the best training experience. Dr. Mustafa Aldam is the main faculty for the cosmetic gynecology course.

Urogynecology Training :

Dr. Aymen Al Qatawneh with his rich educational background as well as from his practice as a urogynecologist and associate professor at Jordan University brings forth a workshop on urogynecology for medical practitioners.

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Microwave ablation for fibroid & Adenomyosis :

This microwave ablation for fibroid & Adenomyosis course covers a variety of theoretical and practical surgery cases, including diagnostic and surgical procedures. We discuss the therapy for unusual uterine bleeding and fertility. On other hand, the lectures also cover Traditional Surgical Procedures, Minimally Invasive Procedures, new energy sources, and upcoming advanced technology. 

Hysteroscopy training :

This hysteroscopy training will concentrate on advanced surgical techniques for surgeons who desire to improve their technical knowledge and surgical abilities for performing operative hysteroscopy procedures. However, participants will listen to didactic presentations emphasizing the course’s crucial processes, clinical gems, and the instrumentation required for hysteroscopy tissue removal. There will be an opportunity for wet lab instruction on operational hysteroscopy procedures in a hands-on simulation lab.


Ultrasound training :

This ultrasound training course offers thorough instruction in all gynecological ultrasound topics, including infertility, and also been discussing Numerous evaluation methods and uncommon diseases. This ultrasound course covers both introductory and advanced education in this area. The lectures have many videos and many graphics. Which are essential in transvaginal scanning. However, It is an interactive and dynamic examination that can only be adequately recorded and explained with their assistance.

Vaginal Thread Lifting :

The vaginal thread lifting course is designed to teach healthcare professionals the skills necessary to perform this innovative technique. The course covers the anatomy of the vaginal area, the types of threads used, and the various insertion techniques. It also covers patient selection, preoperative evaluation, and postoperative care.

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Ovulation induction :

This Workshop is an informative and empowering experience for women struggling with infertility or trying to conceive. The workshop provides valuable information on the medical procedures used for ovulation induction and guidance on preparing for treatment and optimizing your chances of success. By attending this workshop, women can gain the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their fertility journey and achieve their dream of becoming a mother.

V-Note :

This workshop aims to provide our delegates a thorough understanding of vNOTES, covering everything from its theoretical information to its practical applications. Participants will be guided through every aspects of the procedure by the expert faculties with plenty of experience in this field, who will emphasize the significance of accuracy, anatomical considerations, and patient safety.


Postpartum hemorrhage :

This workshop at MEGO 2024 provides a dynamic fusion of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, with professionals guiding you through the details of risk factor identification, physiological process understanding, and modern intervention expertise. Take part in thought-provoking conversations that go beyond traditional boundaries to examine the postpartum hemorrhage.


This workshop at MEGO 2024 is designed to meet the needs of established fertility specialists as well as healthcare professionals looking to broaden their knowledge and advance the field of assisted reproductive technologies.


Vacuum and forceps :

This workshop at MEGO 2024 provides a special fusion of theoretical understanding and hands-on practice, facilitated by skilled instructors who are proficient about the technical aspects of forceps delivery and vacuum extraction. The indications, contraindications, and procedural aspects of forceps and vacuum assisted births will be discussed with the participants.

Colposcopy :

The aim of this comprehensive colposcopy workshop is to equip medical professionals with the knowledge and abilities needed to carry out colposcopy accurately and confidently. In the field of gynecology, colposcopy is an essential diagnostic and therapeutic tool. This workshop will cover the basics of colposcopy, including indications, techniques, analysis of results, and practical applications. With case-based discussions and practical colposcopy exercises, participants will have the chance to learn from seasoned faculties and acquire practical expertise.

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Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the Middle East’s biggest conference on Obstetrics & Gynecology.